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Water & Wastewater Inspection

Understanding every aspect of the project is our job. DIS stands out by quickly and successfully completing large inspection projects from coast to coast. Your job isn’t too big for DIS. Or too small. We can take on massive projects that require large amounts of data to be accurately collected and easily utilized in other applications, as well as the smallest of residential projects. Work sites range from the most congested urban streets, to the most difficult remote access easements. Along with standard sewer line cleaning and closed circuit television inspection of mainline sewers, DIS has an experienced team who has been providing Lateral Cross-Bore Inspections for several years to the utility industry. Every DIS team member is constantly learning. With a NASSCO certified trainer on staff, DIS ensures its employees and customers stay trained on the industry’s most current standards.

Mainline and Lateral Inspection

DIS’s LACP and PACP trained management team, administrators, and field team utilize state of the art mainline CCTV trucks, lateral launch trucks, push cameras, CCTV software, and locators. This allows us to provide LACP and PACP certified inspection, as well as lateral and mainline tracing and location to our customers, while delivering the most detailed and accurate reports and deliverables.

Sewer and Manhole Cleaning

DIS stands out by offering a full range of cleaning services like sewer laterals, manholes, mainline sanitary and storm sewers, wet wells, pump stations and more. All along the way, we understand the need to preserve our environment. DIS utilizes water recycling combination jet/vac cleaning trucks which not only saves on water, it also allows us to drastically increase production by reducing idle time spent refilling water tanks. That’s a win-win.

Hydro Excavation

With cleaning trucks that are equipped with hydro excavation capabilities, DIS stands out as a full service provider to the underground utility industry. Hydro excavation combines high pressure water and vacuum to safely and quickly expose underground utilities. This process is not only efficient, it’s also much safer by eliminating the risk of damaging surrounding underground utilities, not to mention the drastically reduced negative effects on the community.

What our clients are saying:

The professionalism and follow up of the staff exceeded all of our expectations. They are knowledgeable and skilled in following through with similar projects.
Ms. Bonnie Banaszak, Town of Mercer, WI
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