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Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

It’s not just a project, it’s part of the fabric of the community. That’s why DIS stands out by offering a variety of trenchless rehabilitation to underground structures, eliminating the need for dangerous and expensive digs, as well as drastically reducing disruption to the community. Combined with DIS’s ability to conduct full service Sewer System Evaluation Studies, DIS can support our customers on their projects from the conception phase to project completion.

Cured-In-Place Point Repairs

DIS stands out with cured-in-place point repair as an alternative method to full length CIPP.  DIS’s experienced staff utilizing CCTV and Steam trucks accurately pull the section of liner to the damaged section of the host pipe. The liner is then impregnated, cured, and televised to insure proper installation. This technology strengthens and seals the deteriorated or damaged portion of host pipe, allowing the pipe to support soil and live loads.

Chemical Grouting

DIS, understanding the need to stop infiltration at all sources, offers mainline joint grouting, manhole grouting and lateral joint grouting. Utilizing packers and state of the art CCTV & Seal Trucks, chemical grout is injected into a leaking joint forming a watertight barrier to infiltration. Manholes are drilled in multiple areas, and grout is injected by pump to blanket the entire manhole sealing any and all leaks from weepers to gushers.

Manhole Rehabilitation

We have a structured approach to get the job done right. There doesn’t even have to be a structure. DIS’s highly skilled manhole rehab crews rehabilitate aging manholes, wet wells, tanks, and catch basins eliminating the cost and time needed to dig and replace them. DIS utilizes industry leading spray-on application cement spray trailers, as well as the ability to hand apply in extremely difficult easements. Using cementitious applications with corrosion inhibitors to defend against H2S damage, as well epoxy, DIS ensures the life and integrity of every structure our team rehabilitates.

What our clients are saying:

The professionalism and follow up of the staff exceeded all of our expectations. They are knowledgeable and skilled in following through with similar projects.
Ms. Bonnie Banaszak, Town of Mercer, WI
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