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Survey Services

DIS field crews stand out with use of state of the art equipment including Global Navigation Survey Systems (GNSS), Robotic Total Stations, Digital Levels, Sonar, 3D scanning and through strategic partnerships, Unmanned Aerial Surveys. With all these tools at our disposal, and that equipment continually being upgraded, our team has the necessary resources to process your data and prepare deliverables on a timeline that works for your deadline and budget. By putting it all together, DIS provides unparalleled traditional survey services, including ‘Geomatics’ which integrates various means to acquire and analyze spatial information.

Cadastral Surveying

DIS stands out with cadastral surveying that goes beyond just land ownership and property boundaries. With experience completing surveys of all sizes and complexities, we stay on top of this very dynamic industry that sees constant technological advancement. We equip our team with the necessary hardware, software, training and continuing education to stay ahead of industry advancements. End result? We’re able to mark and establish boundaries, delineate rights as they relate to water or other features and so much more.

3D Laser Scanning

A variety of complex landscapes used to mean a longer process with more hurdles. Thanks to 3D laser scanning, that’s nothing DIS can’t handle. With incredibly powerful scanners that capture up to one million points per second, virtually any type of environment can be precisely measured and modeled. Whether for design, construction, as-built surveying or monitoring (deformation surveys), DIS can deliver the solutions and deliverables you need on time and on budget.

Utility Surveying

DIS stands out with roots in the utility industry. Our team offers utility surveying services for water, sewerage, gas, electricity, and phone/cable lines purposes. The accuracy and knowledge of our team reduces any possibility of errors that only add to cost or delay construction. With every project, we also look to the future to ensure that when you’re ready to expand networks or add on, it’s as seamless as possible. The use of the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, helps to improve accuracy and efficiency when surveying underground utility locations.

What our clients are saying:

The professionalism and follow up of the staff exceeded all of our expectations. They are knowledgeable and skilled in following through with similar projects.
Ms. Bonnie Banaszak, Town of Mercer, WI
Water & Wastewater Inspection
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