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Pipeline Survey Services

DIS stands out in our pipeline surveying services. For over 15 years, DIS has been a leader in pipeline surveying services throughout the United States. Consisting of surveyors, technicians and data processors, our team has delivered successful new oil and gas pipeline and maintenance projects ranging from a few hundred feet to hundreds of miles. Which shows the best of both worlds when it comes to the little guy approachability and big guy credibility.

Whether it’s our design, construction or maintenance, DIS has the expertise to provide you with safe, accurate and efficient services that result in peace of mind. With DIS, an honest day’s work is every day.

Mainline Surveying

When placing various diameters of pipe, there are a large number of steps involved whether it’s a few hundred feet or several hundred miles. DIS stands out with an excellent reputation in the industry based upon years of experience with meeting deadlines, getting the job done right the first time and working with you (not just for you).

Typical Products / Services Provided
• Field design services
• Field data collection using GPS collection methods and conventional methods
• Right-of-way staking
• Ditch staking
• Staking temporary and permanent working limits

As-Built Surveying

Basically, this means we check the work, double check it, and then check it again. And again. With As-Built Surveying, DIS collects pipeline information during and after construction to verify and reflect a final location of the constructed pipeline. In layman’s terms: We let you know if the pipe is built as it was designed. DIS stands out with the team that’s comprised of the best in the world when it comes to As-Built Surveying.

Typical Surveyed Items
• Pipe material
• Heat numbers
• Joint numbers
• X-ray numbers
• Depth of cover over the constructed pipe
• Pipe profile
• Much more

Station Surveying

Pump station stability and quality can make or break your project. That’s why DIS has the team in place to take every step that assures an efficient and safe installation. A seamless fit is necessary when piping that was assembled offsite is brought onsite, sometimes with tolerances as narrow as 1/16th of an inch. DIS also performs the final as-built survey for these pump stations as well as the final redline facility drawings. Because we’re with you before, during and after, DIS stands out by offering permanent control monuments that may be established at each station at the owner’s request which provides permanent site control for the life of the station.

Typical Services Provided
• Field data collection using GPS and robotic collection methods
• Survey staking
• As-builting
• Cataloged pipe data

What our clients are saying:

We have found DIS to be the best working group in this field of contractors and highly recommend them. All staff are prompt and perform their individual tasks utilizing the latest equipment in the field.
Ed Kelly, Storm Water Control Services, LLC
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