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I&I Investigation Services

There are consistently growing concerns to reduce Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) into our sanitary sewer systems. Which means that it’s more important than ever to have thorough and efficient I&I Investigation. I&I can lead to structural damage to the pipe, which makes it surcharge. That causes homes and businesses to flood, which of course is not fun to deal with or pay to rectify. Not to mention the added expense of treating and cleaning water. Thankfully, DIS’s trained, professional technicians and management team have the processes in place to help you avoid those added and unexpected costs and headaches with our I&I Investigation Services.

Flow Monitoring

DIS’s Flow-Monitoring services are built to suit your specific needs with options across multiple products, software, and applications. Flow-Monitoring is a useful tool in I&I Investigation to pinpoint specific areas of concern, as well as hydraulic modeling, CSO and SSO monitoring in compliance with the EPA, or to quantify daily flows for treatment.

Smoke & Dye Testing

A full service comprehensive approach to smoke and dye testing is one of the best ways to begin identifying problem areas. Smoke testing can be used as a first step, in order to further pinpoint areas to dye test. Dye testing services include residential (simulated rainfall), mainline dye testing (storm sewer), flooding, or for tracing and tracking purposes. Combined with DIS’s state of the art sewer televising equipment, our one-two-punch can accurately track I&I to specific locations so we’ll know the best solution for every scenario.

MACP Manhole 3D Optical Manhole Scanning

Technology is improving everywhere, and at DIS we keep our process and equipment on the cutting edge to reduce cost and improve results. Our team utilizes a sophisticated camera that’s lowered from the topside of a manhole down to the invert, gathering sonar imagery as well as multiple snap shots in order to build a full 3D image. Our operators can then view the entire manhole and calculate measurements. The end result means it’s not only safer but also eliminates human error and can detect the most hidden defects and leaks. That makes DIS stand out.

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