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8 Pump Station Locations

Texas and Oklahoma

This work request involved DIS working along with the pump station construction contractor to provide a superior product to our client. DIS performed all the staking, as-built survey and permanent control establishment in the pump stations. Work consisted of laying out piling locations and bolt patterns with tolerances of 1/16th of an inch, providing a seamless fit when the offsite assemble piping was brought onsite. DIS also performed the final as-built survey for these pump stations, as well as the final redline facility drawings. Permanent control monuments were established at the owner’s request in each pump station and protection was put in place to preserve their accurate locations.

Services / Products Provided

  • Field data collection using GPS and robotic collection methods
  • Survey staking
  • As-builting
  • Cataloged pipe data

What our clients are saying:

The professionalism and follow up of the staff exceeded all of our expectations. They are knowledgeable and skilled in following through with similar projects.
Ms. Bonnie Banaszak, Town of Mercer, WI
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