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Wherever we do a project,
it is treated as our home.



Diversified Infrastructure Services (DIS) is an Equix company, with a focus on doing the right thing in everything we do. We hear from our clients that the DIS approach to customer service and technology puts us miles and miles and miles ahead of the others. That's because we understand: Integrity of the pipe is critical. Integrity of our people is expected.

The three mantras that we live and work by everyday:

Work smart

Don't just check the work after a project is finished. Our entire team will check the work while they work. Which, let's face it, makes inspecting it an easy job.

Work close

We work closely with our clients. They like it. We believe in it. Think of DIS as an extension of your project team. We will be there to assist throughout every facet and dimension to ensure a job well done.

Work proud

There's a method to what we do on every job: "Be proud of what you do." It's simple in principle but hard work is required in order to live up to that in every single angle, perspective and project. Thankfully, we're up to the challenge.

Every client is treated the same way. The best way possible.

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